Embracing the Change Wave: Stay with Changes to Improve Business Agility

We are going to delve into a metaphor to help us understand how change keeps coming at us and how to position ourselves in the most effective way to take advantage of that change.

As an Agility Training Consultants, we experience change as individuals, teams and entire organizations. The same principles apply for all in terms of making sure that change is something we take advantage of rather than let it overwhelm us.


Change is very much like the waves in the sea - it keeps rolling in.

So for the purposes of our metaphor lets assume we are a surfer sitting out on the ocean. We see waves coming and with each wave we have a choice:

  • Do we ignore the wave and perhaps miss out on a great ride?

  • Do we wait for a better wave?

  • Do we catch this wave (risk a wipe-out), but hopefully ride it and enjoy it.

In order to make any of these decisions the surfer must first of all be in a position to assess the wave.

They must then be positioned correctly to catch the wave should that be the decision.

They must also be comfortable with wave they have passed on, knowing that due to the assessment of the waves behind this one they will likely get a better ride.


Much like the surfer, we as individuals, teams and organizations must face change waves constantly. The recipe for embracing change is a relatively simple one.

  • Know that it will keep coming

  • Make sure you are in a position to assess the situation. Catching a wave (any wave) is not a bad thing, even if you have a “wipe-out” – it is an opportunity to learn and grow. The disaster happens when you miss the wave entirely – just ask Nokia!

  • Always be in the best position possible to assess the waves.

It’s a simple metaphor, but a powerful one that if you keep in mind will always keep you safe in the “BIG SEAS” that are constantly battering the virtual beaches of our lives and organizations. Are you seeking an Agile Business Consultancy that can help you build a high performing agile team that reaches the business to new high? Nymble Consulting is there for you.

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