Do I Really Need that Meeting? Explained by Agility Training Consultants

The words “Let’s have a Meeting” has become a universal default to almost every business issue…

- Have some ideas to share – “let’s have a meeting”

- Not sure what to do next on an initiative/project – “let’s have a meeting”

- Struggling with your next action – “let’s have a meeting”

Don’t get me wrong, scheduling a meeting can be the right answer, however in most situations it is not…

So to get the answer to this question right – MEETING or NO MEETING – I borrowed and adjusted a decision tree published in the HBR a few years ago.

Have I thought through this situation?

It is very tempting to schedule meetings as a guide to your own progress, but unless the meeting being considered has a clear intent, it is not of any value to anyone.

Instead of the meeting set aside time for your own thinking work. Once you have drawn conclusions you can consider whether the meeting is now necessary.

Do I need outside input to make progress?

You may know what needs to be done and you simply need to do the work. If this is the case do not schedule a meeting. Instead prioritize the work and take action.

However, if after consideration you cannot move forward without the input, then perhaps schedule the meeting.

Does moving forward require a real time conversation?

If you need answers that do not require a 2-way conversation, then email or text chat can be an excellent option instead of a meeting.

This is particularly true when looking for feedback on work you have done.

If you feel the real time conversation is required – then consider your options.

Does this necessitate a meeting with all the people I think it needs? Very often NOT. Most issues and questions can be shared through channels such as text chat.

If after all of this you still decide the meeting is necessary, then think through in advance how you can make it as efficient as possible for all participants.

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