The Process to...




  1. Our Consultant / Trainer spends 2 hours understanding your team and its needs.

  2. Your team attends a 3 hour online session with the consultant / trainer understanding the fundamentals of Kanban and Scrum.

  3. Your team attends the second 3 hour session during which time the consultant / trainer will set up your team with Kanban and/or Scrum and coaches everyone in the use of them.

  4. The Consultant / Trainer spends an extra 1 hour with the person nominated as the everyday coach to assist further with the setup.

Outcomes Based Training and coaching for high performance - Nymble Consulting

A Team that:​​

  1. Delivers quality

  2. Delivers efficiently

  3. Delivers predictably

  4. Is a happy team


  1. Talk to your team

  2. Allow us to talk to your team

  3. Once we have buy-in, schedule the sessions.

Don't worry about the budget...

All consulting, training, coaching, tools, materials and the outcomes above for just £2,500 (exl VAT)

Nymble consulting's consultant / trainers are highly experienced.  All have more than 15 years in the "trenches" with Agile, Scrum, Lean and Scaled Agile and are well qualified to take your team to the next level.

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